Marissa Nadler is an artist of note who specializes in a dreamy style of Folk music with a melancholic edge. She's been around since 2004 with no intention of vacating her deserved ascension to the upper ranks of folk artists. With a new album on the horizon, fans are in anticipation mode.

We all like the familiar. There's nothing wrong with that. But sometimes…sometimes…it's nice to step outside the box for a glimpse and possible acceptance of something different. With music, we have gone through many style changes, which is a normality we accept. Often, however, an original genre style with a long lifespan…like Folk music, is still in play. One such Folk performer is Marissa Nadler.

Marissa Nadler is no stranger to published music. Her first album was released back in 2004 before she turned 18 years of age. By her sixth full-length recording, she was signed to a large label with more distribution power. The album, July, was released in 2014. The album itself was filled with strong, enjoyable songs including the essential “Drive” track (here). The folk music that she creates has a melancholic edge to it that stands her apart. She released Strangers in 2016.

On September 28, Marissa Nadler will release her newest album, For My Crimes. It is filled with the same brilliance of style that she has established for herself over her fourteen years of creating gorgeous melodies to carry her introspective lyrics. A song from the eleven-track set is in release as a forerunner of the new album. The new song is the title track and can be heard here.

Much of Marissa Nadler's music can be called haunting.To date, she has released not only eight studio sets, but she has also issued eight self-released albums of songs including this year's Covers 2, and three EPs. There is also a Sacred Bones compilation release, Leave The Light On: Bedroom Recordings, issued in 2017.

For My Crimes will be released on CD, DD, and vinyl LP. There will also be a limited edition and collectible vinyl edition of only 400 copies available only by mail-order through her site (here). The LP will be pressed in a marbled ‘Dove and Crow' style. This will   be offered with a wrap-around alternate cover and will contain an art print within the jacket.The LP set will be wax-sealed and hand-numbered.

I recommend listening to Marissa Nadler. I'm betting that some of you will become fans of her music.