May is Motorcycle Awareness Month

The motorcycle-riding governor of Illinois is urging motorists to keep an eye out for the two- wheelers as the weather warms.

Gov. Bruce Rauner joined safety advocates and of cials from the Illinois Department of Transportation on Wednesday to observe Motorcycle Aware- ness Month. It served as the start of IDOT's annual "Start Seeing Motorcycles " campaign.

Rauner often rides a motorcycle. He says a good friend was injured last week and remains hospitalized after the driver of a pickup didn't see him and they crashed.

IDOT of cials say motorcy- cles represent 3 percent of Illinois vehicle registrations, but they account for 15 percent of traffic fatalities.

There were 1,097 traffic fatalities in the Prairie State in 2017. Preliminary data show motorcycles were involved in 162 of them. That's an increase of eight over the previous year.