It looks like we might be catching a little bit of a break, in the weather that is. I am hoping that as you read this piece with your morning coffee you have the windows open and a nice cool breeze is flowing through them.

It looks like we might be catching a little bit of a break, in the weather that is. I am hoping that as you read this piece with your morning coffee you have the windows open and a nice cool breeze is flowing through them. I write this in the heat and humidity, but the weather person suggests that we might have a few nice days.

But for now, we are still dealing with the heat and the air choking humidity. Even though I do not like the heat, it is the humidity I don’t like to deal with (isn’t that the most common complaint anyway?). The humidity is really hard on camera gear and you have to take
certain precautions.

In the mornings I will take all my gear, (which is covered) and put it out in my truck. I do this at least an hour or so before I leave. The idea is to get your gear to slowly adjust to the outside temperature. It’s much the same when you step out of the cool house into the heat and your glasses fog all up. Well, your camera lenses will do the same but with your camera gear you have all these internal components as well that need to adjust to outside temperatures. The same thing happens when you take your gear back into the cool house.

It is still difficult at times when the humidity is very high in the early mornings to keep the foggy appearance off the lens. But as long as you slowly adjust you will be fine. Keep in mind that even your phone will go through this process, so you might want to keep it in your pocket or purse for a bit to let it adjust.

I don’t believe that I identified the snake from the photo that the Robin had captured for a meal. The snake was a Little Brown Snake. It was the first time I had ever seen a Robin catch a snake and the first time I had ever seen this species of snake. The funny thing now is that I will not look at a robin in the same boring like sense that I have portrayed them all these years. You see robins all the time, always getting worms or eating the mulberries but now I see them as a real predator, one that will eat snakes!

Have you ever really looked at ants? Funny question? Maybe a stupid question? The wife was outside the other day and hollered at me to come look at these ants, (yes, to come look at ants). There was this massive line of red ants moving through the yard. They were ants on a mission.

They came from the side yard and were marching across the drive way in front of the house, across the porch, then across the sidewalk, through the front yard and then across the side driveway where the stopped and began moving into the deep grass and crevices. Now you might find this boring or uneventful but if you looked closely and watched you could tell this march was a fine-tuned affair.

Where they started, I’m not sure but from where we started watching, it was about a thirty-yard march. They all travelled along the same path and never got more than six inches or so from that path. They moved along at a quick pace over the terrain that they travelled. Most were singles, but some were carrying what I believed were egg cases. This may not seem like much but what gets me is the endurance and strength that these creatures have. This went on for over twenty minutes (we finally just gave up and let them do their thing). If these ants were human, what would these feats amount to? Really wild stuff.

It took me some time to capture the baby pheasant photo you see above. I try to follow a few pheasant families so I can document their growth with photos and such was the case with this family. I had noticed a hen pheasant in the tall grass along the road. I pulled way down the road and put myself in a position to get a shot. Well, the position was right along side the road in some high weeds.

Before I get there however the hen runs across the road with several of her babies. I figured I had missed the shot, but I set up anyway just in case. After several minutes I see the grass move and out steps a baby. I could hear the hen calling from the other side of the road. The young baby pokes a bit in the gravel and then makes a mad dash across the road to get back with its siblings. Cute little baby isn’t it?

My next goal is to try and photograph a quail family. This will be more of a difficult task and one that I am not sure will ever happen. I know they are out there, but will I ever get the chance?