Ag in the Classroom was back in action in Richland County during September.  Third graders at St. Joseph School and Second and Third graders East Orchard Academy learned all about the parts of an egg and how those parts can help a chick develop or become a snack, providing nutrients for us.  St Joseph Third Grade waited anxiously as eggs incubated in their classroom and hatched during the last week of September. East Orchard students will be hatching eggs in October.
Richland county 4th graders explored the source of items that they use everyday.  They discovered that factories and stores are not really the source of things like clothing, cell phones, or food, but that farms and ultimately earth’s natural resources are the source of everything that they use.  Then the put together a snack that represented the vast array of agricultural items produced in Illinois from corn and soybeans, to apples and popcorn our state snack food.  
All county 5th graders discovered that Illinois will be celebrating its 200th birthday in December and that much of the Illinois landscape has changed from prairie and forests to agricultural production in those 200 years.  Students learned that glaciers and prairies together built the fertile soil of Illinois, making them some of the best soils in the world for agriculture.  They learned about some of the grasses and forbs found in prairies, adaptations they have to survive on the prairie,how many of them are excellent for conservation practices and for landscaping, and compared them with corn and soybean adaptations.
You can help support Ag in the Classroom in Richland County by participating in one or more of our grant matching fundraisers, the next one is the Donut Dash 5K on October 20th.  Call the Farm Bureau office at 618-393-4116 for more information.