Middle School school students got a taste of what’s waiting for them while rehearsing for the RCMS Talent Show presented tonight at 6:00 PM at the High School’s Sliva Auditorium, located at 1200 East Laurel Lane.  
A tremendous amount of effort goes into these talent shows. “Every year’s show is different”, agreed  the three organizers, Mrs. Kendra Page, Mrs. Shelley Mann and Mrs. Michelle Powell. All three are teachers at the middle school.
Their enthusiasm for what they do is evident, and that caring is felt by the students scheduled to perform tonight. Michelle Powell added, “This gives students an outlet for their energies, if sports is not their thing.”
There were a number of terrific acts in last year’s talent show, which can be viewed in its entirety by visiting https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=awMn0LYqII0 . A stand out performance was given by an ERMS student, Ming Wong, who performed a magnificent piano recital of Beethoven's Für Elise. Ming has since relocated to a private school in the Chicago area.
The 6:00 PM show tonight will be opened by EMCEE’s Krishna Wirth and Jorri VanDyke. If last year’s band recital is to be equaled, visitors will be treated to an extremely well done rendition of classic movie openings, including the music of Star Wars, Jurassic Park and ET. To close one’s eyes and listen, non-professional ears would have a difficult time discerning between the ERMS band and a professional ensemble.
The band members are Jude Alexander, James Baker, Olivia Beal, Vivi Carey, Gavin Charleston, Francis Coleman, Josie Donaldson, Kloe Elder, William Fritchley, Aiden Gomez, Luke Harris, Riley Harrolle, Arianna Henby, Madison Hicks, Madison Hinderliter, Jozalyn Houser, Evan Irvin, Danielle Jinkins, Sean Joyce, Brett Kocher, Ally Lynch, Weston Miller, Tristan Mitchell, Kyle Rennier, Aliza Rios, Sydney Scherer, Casey Schneider, Madison Shaw, John Slater, Colleen Steber, Kayleigh Stevenson, Claire Vaal, Emma Wells, Cali Wingert and Ryan Zhu.
Following the ERMS band, the A Cappella Choir will sing ‘Roar’. The choir members are Madison Bahl, Wyatt Baker, Evelyn Bogard, Madison Boyer, Willow Conn, Jenna Coulter, Owen Davis, Jessica Dehner, Josie Donaldson, William Fritchley, Paige Givens, Emely Gonzalez, Riley Harrolle, Evan Irvin, Sean Joyce, Mya Kessler, Ana Mata Perez, Brad Muentener, James Peszel, Zia Randall, Brody Runyon, Alex Shoulders, Colleen Steber, McKenzie Vincent, Emma Weitkamp, Dyllan Williams, Cali Wingert, Laura Yancy and Sydney Zuber.
Tumblers will take the stage, performing an act representing an uncountable number of hours of practice not just for the act, but the skills required to perform the act itself. The audience will see the talents of tumbling phenoms Madison Bahl, Lauren Crowe, Jenna Neil, Arianna Leslie and Kaylie Ritter.
Carly Houchin will be tickling the ivory’s with a solo performance of Lean On Me, followed by the vocal solo sounds of Justice Osborne, singing Hallelujah.
Amping it up, a dance group composed of Blaire Gallimore, Briannah Jackson and Aylah Voyles will thrill the audience with wonderful dance choreography to the song Never Forget You.
No talent show is complete without a humorous skit, and the RCMS act is sure to score a hit with the comedic talents of Brayden Beard, Payden Buchanon, Brayden Jenner, Christian Weber and Jack Williams.
Stirring our patriotic chords, Emma Weitkamp will sing the Star Spangled Banner, with the talented Mariah Livingston performing sign language for the hearing impaired.
Another skit, this one called Church Greetings, will draw the appreciation of the crowd. It will be performed by Karlee Bissey, Ainsley Doris, Rayley Inskeep, Kallie Kerr, Emma Nix and Audrey Runyon.
A solo acrobatic routine will keep the crowd both laughing and impressed as Lilly Curtis tumbles to the theme of the Flinstones.
The Other Side, a song from The Greatest Showman, will be sung by Evan Ervin, William Fritchley, Alex Shoulders and Dyllan Williams.
The last skit of the evening will be a humor sketch called Sticky Seat. The crowd to be wowed is courtesy of Karlee Bissey, Ainsley Doris, Rayley Inskeep, Kallie Kerr, Emma Nix and Audrey Runyon.
The last musical number will come from the lovely voices of Vivi Carey and Riley Harrolle as they sing Most Girls.
No talent show is complete without the cheers and enthusiasm of the RCMS Cheer Squad. This year’s squad is filled with the following talented students; Emalee Aguirre, Madison Bahl, Jayla Ball, Bailey Buerster, Sara Coram, Owen Davis, Josie Donaldson, Lexy Doyle, Nevaeh Harmon, Hannah Hines, Brylee Holbrook, Alyssa Krause, Abigail McMullen, Chelsea Pride, Kaylie Ritter, Aliyah Tracy, Harmony Utley, Jenna Tonn, Emma Weitkamp and Kadyn Wilson.
There is no cost to attend the 2018 RCMS Talent Show, tonight at 6 Pm at the Silva Auditorium. Come out and support our students. They care enough to share; it’s up to us to show we appreciate their efforts. Nothing a penny to spend and a great evening of entertainment to gain!