MACOMB — City Administrator Dean Torreson told the city's equal opportunity and fair housing commission on Thursday that a proposed rewrite of Macomb's affirmative action policy should be in its hands in January.
Torreson and City Attorney Kristen Petrie have had three meetings with a commission subcommittee to review and update the document, including the incorporation of changes in the language of state and federal documents. Areas analyzed include affirmative action, equal opportunity, and contractor compliance.
Petrie told commissioners that AmeriCorps intern Kathleen Preissing would incorporate all commissioner suggestions into a rough draft to be examined in January. Torreson said all information would be distributed electronically so the commission could prepare for discussion of a final draft at its January meeting.
"We're making progress," Torreson said. He said a two-hour subcommittee session would probably be needed to prepare an affirmative action policy draft for commission review.
In other business, Alderman Don Wynn told the commission that city residents should be aware of upcoming job fairs. "There are job opportunities here in Macomb," he said.
Wynn was a longtime member of the Macomb Equal Opportunity and Fair Housing Commission prior to being elected to the city council. He now serves as the council's advisor to the commission.

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