MACOMB — The gallery at the WCI Arts Center has become a host to organized chaos.
On Friday night, painter and sculptor Sam Parker received patrons during an artist's reception at his exhibit Organizing Chaos, An Aesthetic Challenge. It will remain open until the 24 of November at the West Central Illinois Arts Centre.
The works feature numerous paintings and a few sculptures, all inspired by the Russian constructivist period from the mid-1910’s. Each piece features smooth curves and harsh angles, complemented by vibrant colors.
The gallery represented 12 years of effort, but only 40 percent of his body of work, Parker said. Numerous paintings remain either at home or at his studio.
A resident of Macomb for many years, Parker was born and formally trained in Wisconsin, receiving his Master of Fine Arts degree in 1965. This was all before moving to WIU to teach from 1965 to 1997, while also working professionally at his studio here in Macomb.
Parker said that he encountered a great deal of color theory when he taught at WIU many years ago and that he became very focused and excited by it.
“I like Macomb; I like small towns,” he said. “I grew up in a small town.”
When one friend approached Parker at the event, Parker explained that the gallery is the product of four or five hours a day, almost every day. Parker spoke to numerous friends, and the gallery was packed with four or five dozen attendees within the first hour. At least 103 patrons had attended by the time the reception ended at 7 p.m., according to a volunteer at the event.

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