My mom has always lived in Illinois. My dad on the other hand has lived in New York for 5 years.

My Family Traditions

My mom has always lived in Illinois. My dad on the other hand has lived in New York for 5 years. After 5 years he then came to Illinois with his mom, dad, and his sisters. When he first came to Illinois, he went to kindergarten. His parents have been on a bunch of vacations around, ever since they moved to Illinois. Whenever his parents go around Illinois, they always bring us souvenirs. Some traditions my family does is celebrates Halloween, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, Fourth of July, New Years Eve, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Valentines Day, St. Patrick’s Day and April Fools Day. For Halloween we go as a family or with friends and go trick or treating around our neighborhood. A few days before Christmas, we like to open a present each day before Christmas and on the day of Christmas we open the rest. And then we have Christmas dinner. Thanksgiving, we like to cook a bunch of food and watch movies. On Easter my mom likes to hide toys in eggs for my little sister. And for my brother and I, she hides money  and gives us riddles to solve to find them. Fourth of July; we go over to family friends houses and watch fireworks, while eating snacks. St. Patricks Day is when we like to wear green and pinch the people who are not wearing green. On New Years Eve my dad, brother, and I drink a lot of sparkling cider. Mothers Day is when we like to go out to eat with my mom and go shopping. Same with Fathers Day, we spend time with my dad. Valentines Day; we get each other chocolate boxes and my parents will literally eat them all day. For April Fools Day my family loves to trick each other. For example my mom said to me and my brother, “here you both can have 10 dollars each to go get some food.” Then she said “April fools.” This is my family’s traditions and when they first came to Illinois.