Dieterich Village Board voted to set a new rate on some bulk water service rates and considered sparing an old public flagpole topped with a bowling ball.

The board met on May 18 in the Dieterich Civic Center to conform to social distancing for public attendance for coronavirus safety precautions. The board had previously allowed participation by Trustees and the public through a Zoom connection. This time, Mayor Brad Hardiek and Trustees Derick Stumeier, Mike French, Jeff White, Sean Pankau and Carrie Galbraith along with Village Clerk Brittny Gipson were present at the table. Trustee Bill Lane was absent during last week’s meeting.

The board members unanimously agreed to amend the rates for bulk water rates relating to businesses to $8 per 1,000 gallons. The previous rate for those sales was hard to record on an adjustable rate.

The Village wants to take down and repair the flagpole by the Civic Center building because it is in an odd spot now with the current land usage by the building. The pole was erected about 30 years ago and it has an old bowling ball on top of the staff. Board members wanted to make sure if the pole was donated. It might be taken down and stored away for future use at a different location.

Some metal and wooden benches by the Liberty Memorial Park pond are being refitted. Their future use and location will be determined later as park renovations move ahead. There were ideas suggested for use of the Santa House for expanding its use past the holidays.

Board members were impressed by the work completed on the mural so far at the Canary Tree building north wall facing Main Street. More features will be added by the artist as more sunny weather permits.

Gipson mentioned a recent webinar presentation covered the $25 million Illinois Fasttrack grant program for improving infrastructure in communities. She added there were 600 participants in the webinar so competition might be tough on the grants.

In other business, the board approved a reverter ordinance on Lot 24 in North Pointe Subdivision. A revert confirms ownership for the property owner with completion of a residence in the subdivision. The Village has been the developer of the subdivision for increasing housing opportunities in Dieterich.

There was a brief discussion about concerns on unlicensed vehicles of all makes on two properties in the village. The board then met in closed session to discuss a land sale before returning to open session for adjournment.