There has been a lot of talk about high school seniors missing out on walking across the stage during this extraordinary year.

Of course, it’s also a shame the coronavirus pandemic has killed thousands of people, left many more fighting for their lives, ended millions of jobs, forced hunger on families living on the edge and foisted idiotic medical advice on us from bloviating jackasses with no medical training whatsoever.

Sorry about that but I just wanted to put things in perspective.

Personally, I don’t have fond memories about my high school graduation. The old gym in Robinson was a steam bath that Sunday afternoon, one of the ushers fainted from the heat. I and many other of my classmates came out of the gym with our gowns soaked with sweat. And after we gathered outside one of my female classmates was crying and hugged me just as someone snapped our photograph. And the awkward look on my face ended up in the yearbook.

But I’m sure graduates enjoy commencement more these days. We weren’t even allowed to toss our mortarboards in the air. And no one dared to fire off firecrackers, either. Apparently, we were afraid to catch our gowns or long hair on fire.

Fortunately, communities across the country have embraced seniors missing out on a benchmark in their lives. And I’m not talking about senior skip day, either.

There have been graduation parades and virtual graduation ceremonies. Banners and congratulatory signs have popped up across towns. I’m waiting to hear about a graduation fishing tournament or trap shooting commencement. I just hope no one dreams up a graduation event where skimpy bikinis and Speedo trunks are mandatory for seniors.

So, stop squawking seniors. You’re getting a good deal without crossing the stage and not worrying about tripping on your gown or your cap falling off. Or your tassel going crazy, blinding you and causing you to tumble off the stage.

Boy, wouldn’t that video go viral on the internet.

Years from now try to remember what you experienced in school before the dreaded COVID-19 shut down most everything. Don’t concentrate on the last two months of your high school career with all the cancellations. Don’t linger on what might have been. Embrace the rest of your high school memories.

And don’t forget to pick up your diploma. It might come in handy someday.