Teutopolis Village Board met in a continued session last week to dig deeper into different zoning issues.

An issue with alleys was part of the discussion during the meeting on the night of May 26 in Village Hall. Board members want to prevent business owners from using alleys for entranceways to their establishments. Some instances of this practice have caused complaints in the past due to traffic and parking concerns along narrow alleys.

Trustees also discussed the problem with allowing businesses to use portable buildings in the Village. The Board would prefer to require permanent structures for commercial use. This issue does not concern vehicles like food trucks or temporary shelters for special events.

Solar panel arrays were also discussed during the meeting. The Trustees respect the goal of property owners wishing to save on energy costs, but there are different concerns with these structures.

During previous meetings, the Trustees have considered establishing safety regulations for solar panels to prevent accidents or property damage. These regulations would apply to roof-mounted panels or those placed in the ground. Other communities have set rules on solar panels.

This continued meeting was for discussion only with no votes taken that night. It did provide more time for Trustees to offer ideas on what action should be considered in the future on these issues.